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Splash into Summer Drink Fest with Dragon Fruit

Ready for sweet, summer memories to take the stage? Turn the season’s flavors up a notch with two new dragon fruit drink specials hitting your favorite drive-thru on May 22nd!

Get energized with the new Electric Dragon. Name a better duo: dragon fruit and the thrilling kick of Bright® Lime energy – go ahead, we’ll wait. This vibrant concoction boasts an electric pink hue that mirrors its bold and energizing flavors.

And slay your thirst with Dragonade – where exotic dragon fruit and classic black tea flavors lay down the rhythm, and lemonade hits the high notes for a fresh, poppy favorite you’ll want on repeat all summer long.

These bright, bold blends are just the first act in this year’s Summer Drink Fest. Visit The Human Bean all summer long for new drinks rolling out each month. The main event and encore are sure to tune up your tastebuds, too! 

Wherever the open road takes you, you’ll find limited-time summer drinks to match the tunes and good vibes. Get electric with clean caffeine in our Bright energy drink combos, or cool down with real fruit juice blends over ice. Let your favorite barista be your mix-master with custom twists (like sugar free or blended) made just for you!

And here’s some fun news…Mango Burst Boba is making an extended summer appearance! Due to high customer demand (aka, y’all love it!), we’re keeping this fresh, tropical drink in the lineup while supplies last. 

What’s on your summer concert ticket? Grab a drink that’s brewed for your mood! Capture the moment with these two new dragon fruit-slaying specials through June 19th. And keep us in the loop by sharing your summer-loving photos of the Electric Dragon and Dragonade on Instagram or Facebook.