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The Human Bean Refreshing Summer Drinks

The Human Bean Refreshing Summer drinks make hot summer days so much cooler!  Try one of these barista favorites next time you visit your nearest The Human Bean location.


We sell a variety of green and black teas from Smith Tea that are delicious when served iced.  Tea is lower in caffeine than coffee so can provide just the right amount of afternoon pick-me-up!  Try our iced teas mixed with lemonade or also with a splash of your favorite fruity syrup.  We like lavender, peach or raspberry syrup added to iced tea!



If you need an energy boost along with your refreshment then you’ll love our infused energy drinks!  Each location carries a variety of flavors and these can be mixed with tropical-flavored syrups to make your favorite summer flavor combination!


We make real fruit smoothies in a variety of flavors.  Try them all to find your favorite!  These blended icy smoothies are also sure to satisfy.


Craving coffee?  Try a Granita, which is a blended frozen coffee drink using the same espresso we make our hot drinks with.  You can add real caramel or chocolate sauce to these or any of our flavored syrups.  Try one with Salted Caramel or Toasted Marshmallow!  And look for our BOGO Granita day on the first day of summer in June at participating locations!


Our Cold Brew is handcrafted each night to make the smooth rich flavor you’ll love.  Try adding a splash of one of our dairy alternatives, like Milkadamia macadamia nut milk or Coconut milk to it!

Try one of our refreshing summer The Human Bean drinks today and cool down on any hot summer day!