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Travel the World with Two New Drink Specials

Sightseers and road trippers, we have two new limited-time drinks for you!

We’re happy to announce two new blended drink specials for spring, both with refreshing twists to whisk you away to a beach in Latin America or the Italian countryside. No need to renew that passport — these delicious treats check all the vacay boxes, with cool vibes and adventurous flavors.

mango smoothie the human beanStart celebrating the sunshine with a blended drink from The Human Bean in hand!

Mangonada Smoothie 

Mango-lovers, meet your match!  This real-fruit smoothie is blended with spicy-sweet Chamoy, bringing together tart, citrus, and dried-chile flavors. Then for the real kick, we’ve topped this ice-cold combo with Tajín — a unique blend of mild peppers, lime and sea salt. This drink pairs perfectly with chips and salsa, samba dancing, and sand volleyball (bonus points if you combine all three).


Sweet & Salty Granita

granita human bean

Stamp your passport in Sicily with this icy blend of salted caramel and our signature espresso. This frozen, creamy delight is blended to perfection and topped with whipped cream, a rich caramel drizzle and Java Chips. Decadent and refreshing, it’s an irresistible treat for all the senses!

So what’s in store for your springtime afternoon?

Come by The Human Bean for a pick-me-up of tasty, wanderlust flavors. We’ve heard fabulous feedback from our baristas and taste-testing customers, and we can’t wait to share theselimited-time flavors with you, too! Infuse your summer days until June 6th with a little sweetness, a little spice, and a whole lotta yummmm.

And don’t forget to use your Rewards App! It’s not an official passport, but you can earn points with every purchase and redeem them for free drinks. Who doesn’t love a free drink-vacation? Share photos of your springtime escapades with your drink in hand on Instagram and Facebook with #TheHumanBean.