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New Year, New Bright Energy® Beverages at The Human Bean

A brand new, energizing blend is making a debut at The Human Bean drive thrus across the U.S. The franchise is releasing its fresh and flavorful proprietary Bright Energy® energy drink — an innovative formula containing 160 mg. of caffeine and a special vitamin blend per 16 oz. serving — starting January 3, 2024.  

The company says it’s “energy done Bright®” with caffeine extracted from clean, green coffee beans. Each drink also contains an antioxidant-rich, sustaining energy blend of B6 and B12 vitamins, Ginseng Root, and L-Carnitine. 

“We take such pride in the quality of our coffees, and this is a natural next step,” says Dan Hawkins, co-founder and CEO of The Human Bean. “We knew we could offer something special to energy consumers. Our blind consumer testing and test pilot store performance has been over the top successful. The work our innovations team put into the formulations, testing, and launch has produced something that aligns with our quality promise, and is simply delicious. I never thought I would become an energy fanatic, but Bright is just that good.” 

Baristas will be encouraging visitors to experiment with their own custom creations to fuel up with a boost of flavor, choosing from over 28 mouthwatering flavor additions and three Bright Energy® bases, including Original, Lime and Sugar-Free. All Bright Energy® drinks can be made iced or blended. 

The Human Bean is also sweetening the launch by spotlighting two must-try combinations: 


Two refreshing fruit flavors — Strawberry and Watermelon — come together to hash it out on the ice. Order this pink, peppy combo with your choice of Bright Energy® Original or Sugar-Free base.  


The Poolside delights and refreshes with Coconut and Blue Raspberry over a Bright Energy® Lime base. Grab a floaty and make a splash with this energizing cooler, iced or blended! 

Thirsty customers in search of cool convenience and Bright flavor will find the new energy drinks at The Human Bean drive-thru locations starting January 3, 2024 and throughout the year. All drink bases will be available to-go in 16 oz. cans, or can be mixed and served to order. 


 About The Human Bean 

With a passion for creating happy ‘Human Beans’, the company’s drive-thrus around the U.S. have established a reputation for friendly baristas, high-quality coffee and innovative flavors. The Human Bean opened its first drive-thru espresso stand in Ashland, Oregon in 1998, and currently supports over 260 locations open or under development in 21 states.  Learn more at