What is The Human Bean App?

Loyalty Program
Spend $55, Earn $5. Use the app with your purchases and track your rewards progress.

Payment Method
Simply add a debit/credit card. We will process the purchase and you instantly receive a receipt on your phone along with an emailed copy. The app payment processing is more secure than just using a credit card to pay.

Source of Exclusive Content
The app has exciting new features like locations list, rewards for signing up, free birthday drink, and more rewards levels. Also, send an electronic gift card or refer a friend and earn a bonus when they sign up and use the app.

How do I to start using the app?

Step 1: Download the App
Search for the “Human Bean App” in the Apple App Store (IOS) or the Google Play Store (Android). Download and launch.

Step 2: Create an Account
Click “Get Started” and enter an email address along with your personal information.

Step 3: Link Payment Method
User may link a debit or credit card to their app account. You can choose “Auto Reload” or “Bill Instantly”.

Step 4: Visit and Earn Rewards
Visit your favorite location. Choose “Pay in Store”. Then choose “Scan to Pay and Earn Rewards” QR code or “Scan to Earn Rewards Only”.

You can also scan the QR code below:

What are the Rewards and Status Levels?

You will receive the follow rewards just for downloading and creating an account.
Silver Level
$2 sign up credit
Earn $5 for every $55 Spent
Pay by Phone
$2 Refer a Friend
Free Birthday Drink
Double Drink Rewards on Wednesdays

Gold Level - 500 Points
Receive all the Silver level rewards, plus:
An Additional $1 (Total of $3) for Refer a Friend
Invites to Special Promotions

Platinum Level – 1000 Points
Receive all the Silver and Gold rewards, plus:
$6 Credit for Every $55 Spent
Free Drink on Your App Join Date Anniversary

Can I use the loyalty program or get app promotions without a smart phone?

No, you must download and use the app on an iPhone or Android device.

Why can't I download or run the app?

Email support@thelevelup.com. They will help you figure out if the app works on your phone.

How safe is the app?

Paying with the app is as safe as using your credit card or better.

LevelUp (the app builder/processor) uses bank-grade infrastructure and maintains compliance with the latest security (PCI) standards. Using the QR code to pay means your credit card number is never exposed to anyone. If you want to learn more about how we protect you, please visit www.thelevelup.com/security.

Where can I use the app?

You can use the app at any Human Bean location listed on the app’s Location screen.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

On the ”Get Started” screen of the app, type in your user name. On the next screen, tap Forgot Password. When you receive the password reset email, tap the link and follow the instructions to change your password. The link in the email is only good for 30 minutes, so act fast.

Which card is charged when I use the app?

You can see which card you are using in the app in Settings > Manage Cards.

How will app related charges appear on my statements?

Charges will appear as Levelup*TheHumanBean

Why does the app say “Cannot charge this card at this time”.

You need to update the credit or debit card linked to your app.

Why didn't I get a credit on this purchase? I was supposed to get $2 off.

Was this from an email? Check the email to make sure the credit has not expired. If the credit has not expired, look in your email for the receipt for this purchase and the credit should be listed there. If it is not on the receipt, take a look at your “Order History” in the app because it might have automatically been used on another visit.

I could not use my app. Can I still get credit?

Sometimes, you can! Take a picture of your receipt and email it to support@thelevelup.com and let them know what happened. They will apply a credit when applicable.

How do I know if I have credits on my account?

The “Rewards” screen will show you all of the credits that are available.

How will refunds appear on my credit or debit card statement?

If you paid with Instant Billing, you will see a refund on your statement within 7 days. If you paid with preloaded value in the app, the funds will appear back in the app.

Can I get an Itemized receipt in the app?

Do not rely on the app for itemized receipts. Get an itemized receipt from the cashier when you complete your order.

Why didn’t I get my free birthday drink?

You must download the App more than 3 days prior to your actual birthday.  This is when you will receive the email with the birthday drink reward available to redeem.  You will have 30 days to use the free birthday drink reward before it expires.

Can I save my rewards to use later?

App users can choose when to use rewards. The follow rewards can be claim banked for later use: gift cards and birthday campaigns. Therefore if you toggle the reward into the “Off” position the reward will not be automatically redeemed. To use reward toggle it back “On” before redeeming it.


Preload Amount: No, cannot claim bank for later. User must change payment preferences in order to not automatically apply this for payment.

First Visit or 1 day campaigns: Cannot claim bank for later use.

Digital Gift Cards: Yes, can claim bank for later use.

Loyalty Rewards: Yes, can claim bank for later use.

Birthday Reward and longer duration campaigns: Yes, can claim bank for later use. Please not that when these offers expire (30 day for birthday and specified time frame for special promotions) the offer will no longer be available to redeem.

Eligible items for rewards: Drinks (Espresso, House Specialty, Frozen Favorites, Little Beans) Baked Goods, Oatmeal, Granola Bars, Bobo's Bars, RX Bars, Sandwiches/Salads, Bagels 

How do I contact Customer Support?

For app related questions such as: account issues, billing issues, problems claiming or redeeming an app campaign, app features and issues or general app questions. Go to Settings > Customer Support. You will receive an answer promptly through email. Or email support@thelevelup.com.

Customer Service or Product issues please contact: info@thehumanbean.com

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