House Specialty Human Bean Drinks

House Specialty Human Bean drinks are what set us apart from our competitors.  We use our rich espresso to make creative espresso drinks that can be made hot, iced or blended.  We use Hersheys and Ghirardelli chocolates to give step-above flavors.  And we also use high quality flavored syrups (including sugar-free options) to create these customer favorites.

Try them all if you’re the adventurous type…you’ll be pleasantly surprised and satisfied.


House Specialty Human Bean Drinks

human bean cold foamSnowy (White Chocolate Mocha)

Our signature specialty drink. Rich white chocolate, milk and our delicious espresso.

Muddy Snowy

A customer favorite specialty drink, double the chocolate. Rich white chocolate, chocolate milk and espresso.

Double Chocolate Mocha

Twice the dark chocolate goodness! Chocolate milk, Hershey’s and espresso will cure your chocolate craving!

Mexi Mocha

Spicy Mexican chocolate, milk and espresso shots. This one is a true treat in our book!

Sugar-free Mexi Mocha

Espresso shots, sugar-free cinnamon syrup, sugar-free chocolate and milk.

Snowy Mexi

White chocolate and Mexican chocolate are amazing together! Two chocolates, espresso and milk make this a winner.

Vanilla Mocha

Chocolate milk, vanilla flavor and espresso shots.

Caramel Mocha

Chocolate milk, caramel flavor (or real caramel if you would like!) and espresso shots.

Caramel Hazelnut Mocha

Another one of our signature drinks! Caramel (syrup or sauce), hazelnut, chocolate milk and espresso.

Caramel Macchiato

Vanilla cappuccino with real caramel sauce.

Irish Cream Breve

A customer favorite! Irish cream, Half and Half and espresso shots.

Chocolate Mac Breve

If you haven’t experience our Chocolate Macadamia Nut flavor, you must try this! Rich cream, chocolate mac flavor and espresso shots.

Cold Foam Cold Brew 

Creamy whipped half and half blended with flavor is an extra treat for any cold drink!


Try something new on your next visit with one (or more?) of these specialty Human Bean favorites. Already tried some of these? Which are your go-to flavors? We’d love to know!

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