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March Into a Match Made in Mochas

March Madness, Mocha Madness…whatever your theme for the season, The Human Bean has luscious chocolatey drinks to match your mood. In fact, right now we’re featuring the signature chocolatey drinks that our customers love time and time again: The Mexi and The Muddy.

Which team are you on? Team Mexi and Team Muddy both have their merits and fans. And if you can’t choose, well…no one’s stopping you from mixing your mochas!

The Human Bean Match Made in Mochas The Mexi Mocha

True chocolate lovers savor this irresistible twist on a familiar classic! Made with a heavenly dose of dark cocoa and signature spices, this drink will lend a warm and spicy perspective to your day. 
The Human Bean Match Made in Mochas The Muddy

Smooth, creamy white chocolate meets bold espresso and rich chocolate milk — the Muddy is the ultimate drink to pair with your chocolate-covered espresso bean and satisfy your sweet tooth. Also available sugar-free!

What’s your mocha match? Whether you’re in the mood for something warm and spicy, or the flavor of cool and creamy white chocolate, there’s a drink for that. And always feel free to order them your way — iced, hot or blended.

However you march into March, we encourage you to join the mocha madness at The Human Bean! Our baristas love taking our tried and true signature drinks and putting our customers’ spins on top — like swapping dairy-free milk, or adding an extra shot of rich espresso. Make your mocha yours!

Find chocolatey goodness at The Human Bean drive-thru locations throughout the U.S. And don’t forget to scan your Rewards App to earn points on every purchase!  Then show us your Match Made in Mochas on Instagram or Facebook with #matchmadeinmochas.